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Real Estate Brokerage

Realty Lebanon is a full service real estate brokerage providing excellent service and support to both sellers and buyers.
We match buyers and sellers providing both parties with the best deal. We will negotiate on your behalf, and complete the deal on your behalf.
Whether you are looking to rent / buy / sell, and whatever your property, be it a home, an office, a land or a commercial estate, we can assist you in meeting your needs.

Real Estate Consultancy

Realty Lebanon provides real estate consultancy services to help companies and individuals wishing to invest in real estate to make better decisions. Through our extensive and diverse valuation and consulting experience, we have developed a thorough understanding of the Lebanese property market in today’s changing real estate marketplace issues.  Our team covers the full spectrum of real estate valuation services, ranging from evaluating large commercial projects to performing single property valuation, and finding the optimum solutions to your real estate investment needs.

Renovation And Restoration

Realty Lebanon has teamed with BEPCO Beirut, a construction and architect consultancy firm. Over the last 27 years, BEPCO have designed, supervised and completed the execution of more than 187 projects. BEPCO prides itself on being design oriented. BEPCO portfolio encompasses multiple projects in Lebanon and abroad. In particular, BEPCO has great experience in the design of villas, of high-end restaurants, offices and habitations. BEPCO  is always up to date with the latest developments in the fields of architecture, engineering technology, and sustainable development in the design and construction technology. BEPCO works with reputable companies: engineering, renewable energy, facades consultants, acoustics specialists, consultants in branding and image, traffic analysis firms and many other specializations

Real Estate Sworn Expert

Realty lebanon's team knowledge of design, construction law and civil engineering aspects of architecture and real estate economy as well as the qualification as a public appointed and sworn-in expert for real estate valuation provides a comprehensive appreciation of your property under the market situation at the date of appraisal.  

Realty Lebanon sworn experts provides a written report which can be used as the basis for mortgage loans, for settling estates and divorces, for tax matters, in court disputes, in inheritance issues and other cases.  

In providing our services, we apply the following strategies:

precise description, comprehensible valuation, professional presentation.

Real Estate Valuation And Appraisal

As licensed appraisers and sworn expert property valuers, Realty Lebanon possess the extensive training and qualifications to give you unbiased credible home value report that you need for financing ,selling or remortgaging your property.  

Real estate appraisal, property valuation or land valuation depends on many factors. The value of your property is dependant on the current market value. Appraisals are needed because every property is different from the next. All properties differ from each other in their location - which is an important factor in their value, their age, the material used, the condition, and other factors.

Feasibility Study And Business Plan

Realty Lebanon brings in a combination of Lebanon market knowledge, real estate industry experience and financial structuring skills to offer an in depth Feasibility Study and business plan for your project.  

We provide innovative solutions to clients interested in real estate investments.  

Investors and owners benefit from Realty Lebanon experience to provide a detailed pheasibility study and viable solutions for your project, which will assist in raising finances through financial institutions or investors.

Official Documentation / Formalities

Realty Lebanon provides real estate owners with all needed official documents and legal papers for your property, upon request.  

We have on our team Lawyers and Licensed Conveyancers who can act on your behalf for all your real estate form needs, including deeds, contracts, liens, contract for deed and many other official forms as required.  

Realty Lebanon can save you the time by handling all the formalities in government departments and land registrars to check for any disputes, clear problems and get all the needed official forms and documentation needed to finalize any real estate transaction.

Property Financing

Realty Lebanon has strategical partners that offers a turnkey approach to real estate development, including finance. We have direct links to major banks & lending institutions.  

We understand complex real estate deal structures that involve several sources of funding, as well as strong relationships with the local financial institutions that can help you get your property finance.  

Whether you’re purchasing a property for investment or to make it your home, we will take time to understand your financial goals & requirements and will assist you in finding the most suitable investment property loan or home loan.

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